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Tick population is expanding rapidly due to environmental changes. More than 1 million people are infected every year.

Latest research shows ticks carry multiple pathogens and changes in the immune system expose to opportunistic infections.

Current 2-tier laboratory testing is limited in sensitivity and other infections often go undetected due to limited testing or prohibitive cost.

Tickplex Diagnostic Kit

Detects multiple microbes

Worried about co- or opportunistic infections? We test them at the the same time.
We’ll release the full list soon!

Detects multiple disease stages

Tickplex diagnostic kit simultaneously tests for multiple disease stages so we have a higher chance of detection.
We designed the test to provide as much information as possible from one sample.

Surpasses older tests in sensitivity

Tickplex is integrated with state of the art detection system based on nanoparticles.
We have both biologists and nanotechnologists working together to take things forward!

Reduces the cost of diagnostics

We can halve the patient cost at the start and halve it again with volume.
We didn’t just concentrate on new things, we also wanted them to be available cheaper!

Who Are We

A research team led by Associate Professor Leona Gilbert in University of Jyväskylä, Finland has studied chronic diseases and morphological variants of borrelia leading to some exciting discoveries. That knowledge was combined to nanotechnology and some creative thinking to produce Tickplex: a diagnostics kit for the detection of tick-borne diseases and coinfections.

It looked so good that we created a team combining molecular biology, nanotechnology and solid track record in bringing new products to market. We were able to secure funding from both the University of Jyväskylä and Finnish Government Innovation Fund (TEKES) exceeding 600k€ to push things forward at a rapid pace, stay tuned!


Dr. Leona




Raimo Saa-
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You can help guide the development of Tickplex! We have a number of options in the development and getting your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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